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Since 2016 Facework has worked with young people to co-design resources, activities, facilities and approaches which inspire and enable them to face work.
We are passionate about helping young people understand their strengths, and capitalise on the opportunities many now have to become more entrepreneurial and find work that has greater meaning for them. We do this through co-designing employability training resources, helping them set up Facework 'Chapters', and accredit them to train others.  The results of this are that we build both careers education resources which are more holistic and relevant to young people, and build a better 'bridge' between education and the workplace.


Like other education programmes we have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.  For now, we have shifted our delivery online in the hope that our resources can reach young people who have been hit hardest and disproportionately by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Facework programme helps young people focus on and understand the importance of 4 key areas:
These things are not directly measured by standardized tests and academics have argued about whether these skills and qualities can be taught or caught.
However, our experience is that when young people pay attention to developing in these areas their lives and employment opportunities change for the better.
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The advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution is transforming the way we work and creating an urgent need to better empower young people with the skills and character strengths they need to thrive in the 21st Century. Yet the dominant pedagogy and the adults who deliver it are woefully under-equipped. For example 93% of schools in India have no qualified careers professionals,* and only 14% of graduates leave India's universities job ready.** With the student population in India the largest in the world, this challenge is only going to grow.

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To be able to respond to these challenges and help young people navigate these changes, we must re-imagine the relationship between teacher and learner. We must release young people to lead and become active agents of change so that they both develop their skills, but also reach and teach their peers through their networks. Facework uniquely gives young people a platform to create their own soft skills training content, a method of co-design which we believe has global potential.