“The ladder of success isn't a ladder. It's a series of steps with leaps interspursed along the way"

Seth Godin

There are lots of soft-skills which are crucial to success in work and in life generally. At Facework we focus on just 5 'families' of skills which we believe all employers need staff to be good at. These are: 






Working with over 250 young people across 4 states in India we have then broken these down further into describing 5 key features which you have to be good at in these categories.   There are some of these which are generic to all young people, but there also some which are specific to issues in the Indian context. 

The good thing about STEPS is that it is: 

  • It is Inclusive - everyone is good at one or two of these things

  • It is Practical - we describe the elements in really simple ways 

  • It is Engaging - Young people tell us that this is so helpful 

  • It is Relevant to life outside and inside the classroom 

  • It is Fun - What you learn through pleasure you never forget.

The good thing about STEPS is that once you have validated what soft-skills young people already have and what they need to work on, the discussion turns to a very wide range of other important issues such as : 

Growth Mindset 

Character Strengths 

Emotional Intelligence 

Leadership and Empowerment 

Women's Rights etc.

Facework Z card - photo of front