Posters, #hashtags and broadcasts

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With the range of mobile apps and cheap online design packages such as Canva, there are so many ways students can design their own posters cool instagram posts and classroom resources.

It's long been believed that creating a stimulating environment for younger children in a classroom aids students learning - especially when the displays include their own work. However, with our global classroom there are wonderful opportunities for young people to design their own learning resources, not just for their school but for their communities. Facework actively encourages students to post their reflections, learning, advice to others and in London during the lockdown we piloted young people setting up their own broadcasts using Instagram Live.

Part of the Facework learning theory is that all of us learn by doing in the 'Real World.' The closer we link the learning activity to a student's experience of their world the more they understand the vaue, especially if the skill learnt is a skill they can earn from.


The following posters have been created for and with students, to download, print or share on social media. 

Swipe to browse, and scroll to the bottom of the page to view all posters available to download. Notice how many of the posters feature the learners from the Facework sessions. It's important to get informed consent for any photo used.

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Why not end a Facework session but creating a poster to share on Instagram!

Or consider launching a Facework Live broadcast.

See the live broadcast below, created by young people in London.


SEED is a project set up by 3 of our young members, delivering a series of talks about work and the impact it has on us, with a particular focus on supporting young people who are unemployed or seeking work. The project was a result of all 3 members being made redundant and facing the difficulties of unemployment and the competitive job search during the pandemic. 
For examples of students employability broadcasts follow @seed.workshops on Instagram and
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