Knowing what to do starts with

discovering who I am

The I am module is geared towards "knowing" and "accepting" yourself as you are, while defining your goals. 

The key sessions will be aimed at "Self Discovery", "Self Acceptance" & "Self Love".

  • What are your Character Strengths? (Identified through Role Model)

  • What are the mindset issues or "Stuck Points" of your life or                                            "Repeating Patterns" of your life? (Identified through Probing)

  • What Occupational Characteristic you have? (Identified through                                        John Holland's  RAISEC - Career Counselling test.)

  • Exploring what is the purpose of your life. 

  • Goal Setting for yourself - Story Telling & Visualization Technique

  • Introduction to Facework STEPS using a TV Reporting activity

The above is delivered through 12 hours of interaction (online) including 1 hour              

of one-on-one counselling for each member. 

Assignment will be to:

  • Produce a "Who am I?" worksheet (essay) for oneself

  • Create a "My Dream/Goal" poster

"I never knew that you could identify and grow your Character Strenghts. This Facework programme has helped unlock my inner self and I have gained in confidence simply becuase I better understand my strengths, qualities and who I am."