Saying "I Will" starts you on the journey of confidence growth and success. 

The I Will module is geared towards finding a job or starting a business or engaging meaningfully with the community.

The objective of this programme is to give the required push to an individual to move into action. The main coverage will be 

1. "Employ Me" (CV writing and Interview Skills)

2. "Self Employ Me" (Mini MBA with Start Your Business Coaching)

3. Content creation for "Facework" to guide other youth including production of video advice which is uploaded onto the Facework Platform

After  completing this module and on evidence of succesfully completing the Iam and I Can module you will be invited to have a one-to-one zoom interview with one of the Facework team.  This then leads to accreditation and your status as a Faceworker 

I needed this push to create the video. You always think you know this stuff but it is only proved when you try to teach someone else.  I feel it boosted my confidence and gave me evidence to a future employer that I can present and understood important soft-skills."
Facework participant Nagaland