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We believe that any work engaging young people in what they want to do, has to involve helping them explore their Character Strengths. In our Facework training sessions we spend time helping students identify their Character Strengths and how these strengths can be developed.

Building on the work undertaken in the UK by the University of Birmingham’s Jubilee Centre (Framework for Character Education in Schools (2013) we have designed a series of activities which help students understand the importance of Character Strengths for employment.  We believe that once recognised everyone can strengthen and grow their unique strengths. Indeed we believe that you stand a better chance of finding work that is rewarding and stimulating if you can find work which matches your strengths. 
These sessions begin with the screening of ‘The Science of Character’ film which describes the importance of character strengths and uses a range of international ‘voices’ to show how these are relevant to young people.  The film helps build rapport with the students and leads to both discussion about how to identify your own character strengths and how to identify the jobs which help you play to your strengths.
'The Science of Character'
Students in after a session identifying their core strengths 


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Character strenghts for being a good spo