The transition from education to employment can be challenging.

  • Most young people leave schools ill-prepared for work.

  • Most employers don't engage with schools or embrace life-time learning opportunities.

Facework wants to change that. Not by establishing yet another new programme, but by starting a movement. 


We don't want to 'do' things for young people. We want to inspire young people to 'do' things for themselves and their peers. 

Watch this short film to see Facework training in action 
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To do this we encourage groups of students, whether in school or in the community, to set up their own Facework Chapter. Just as other self-help groups are formed around a core issue or problem, we want young people to support each other and design more relevant employability training programmes which will result in others  securing employment or establishing their own businesses or social enterprises.

Groups wanting to establish a Facework chapter will be trained and supported by local co-ordinators and have access to the Facework training resources which they can use AND contribute towards. Indeed the ethos of co-designing and getting young people to create their own employability training resources for their peers is the essence of why we believe this programme will be different, dynamic and of real value.  Teach Once - Learn Twice is the model and young people can and are leading the way. 

Currently we are establishing Facework Chapters in India where hundreds of thousands of talented and largely educated young people have been hit by the Covid-19 economic downturn and desperately need encouragement and training in core employability skills.   


Facework Chapters bring young people (aged 18-24) together to:

  • Support each other in the task of facing work. (Meetings are at least once a week) 

  • Receive Facework training in core areas of Soft-Skill acquisition, Character Strengths, Growth Mindset and STEPS to help them get into work and train others. This training they will be Facework accredited. 

  • The chapter leaders will then research the local needs, engage with employers, schools and colleges as well as regional governments and support a local plan of action. 

  • Plan and design and then run training sessions on employability for local young people (including using Instagram Live and workshops on the Facework curriculum. 

  • Promote and add to the Facework online and offline resources and create new resources using new media.

  • Plan at least one Facework conference, exhibition, or event for local youth and employers so as to inspire and train hundreds of other local young people.

  • All chapters will become part of country programme with national conferences and competitions and fun activities run. 


All Facework Chapters will be supported by the Facework family and receive a tool-kit, resources and training on how to establish a local Facework Chapter.  

Click on these pictures to download our infographic on how Chapters work.

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How does a Chapter work ?

A Facework Chapters are by youth for youth. 
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