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Facework has been established as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in the UK. A CIC is  a type of company, designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the public good.


We have deliberately chosen this governance model (rather than a charity) because working to help young people establish their enterprises, we want to "Walk the Talk" and establish a model of work which is sustainable and not fundraising dependent.  Indeed the income we create through training, sales and consultancy we plough back into our mission to help young people.



We are are looking for grants and social investment to kickstart our model of rolling-out our Facework Chapters


We have a vision for supporting young people create their own Facework Chapters where they support each other and develop youth-focussed employability training programmes for their peers as well as set up work hubs and community enterprise centres.   Currently we are piloting this model in India with chapters started (or soon to be started) in

  • Kalimpong

  • Delhi

  • Odisha 

The start up costs of each of these chapters is approximately £1,500 which includes actually employing 4 youth co-ordinators for a 4 month 'sprint' while they establish the Chapter. 

If you are able to support us you can give to Facework via this Just Giving page. Click below.

Kalimpong fundraising page for chapter -

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Thank you for whatever support you can give to Facework to help us grow our work and impact. 
Stephen Carrick-Davies
Founder and CEO


If you want to contact us to discuss strategic partnerships or contracts to develop a Facework Chapter in your community contact Stephen at

Telephone +44(0)7712451859