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The Facework Group has a mission to radically transform the way young people are equipped for the changing world of work.

We work with young people in the UK and around the world and focus on the employability skills needed in a post-Covid world.


We currently deliver our work through these 4 programme areas.

We work directly with young people to establish Facework Chapters and roll-out peer-led employability training relevant to local culture and labour market.  Currently we are establishing Facework India.


We are developing local community work hubs where in a post-Covid world young people can develop their enterprises within a supportive real-world community and be mentored by local employers.  


We have a radical pedagogy  which emphasises learning by doing and building character strengths.  We want to turn learners into Agents of Change and  empower them to co-design learning for peers.

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We are passionate about sharing our experiences, innovating and working with policy makers, employers and educators around the world to better support youth in a post-Covid world.


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We want to treat young people not as consumers of training programmes, but content creators and agents of change.

By training young people to lead in the design and delivery of employability training and enterprise 'hubs,' we help them discover the importance of finding work with purpose and meaning, gain confidence and create  authentic and impactful resources and become  advocates for their peers.


This sentiment is reflected in this quote by Alvin Toffler: 

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